Hello there,

My name is Ali Karim & I am out to do some good work.

My goal is simple: To be better than the best.


I might not be quite there, but there's no harm in trying, is there. What keeps me going is the desire to do better or learn something new everyday.

Why Me?

  • Did you know that by doing OCR (Optical Character Recognition) on Bank Statements and Credit Card Statements, you could save time on data entry? I know that and I apply in practice for some clients to save excessive data entry time.
  • Did you know that you can import your bank statements into sage rather than typing all the payments yourself? I use import function in Sage almost everyday, saves my boss a fortune (if you think time is money).

  • I like to be creative in things I do, it speeds up things, saves me time and most of all, motivates me to keep going.
  • I work to learn and improve - quality is my first priority.
  • I have a can-do attitude, new challenges motivate me.
  • My numerical and technical skills help me keep on top of my work.
  • I like taking responsibility, I make mistakes, admit them and learn from them.

the creative Accountant